Strange Lover

Lyrics: Jean-Philippe Boin, Lone Kent, Lunattack
Composition: Bruno Joly, Olivier Carpentier, Jean-Philippe Boin, Lunattack
You never tell me
much of anything
I admit my silence yes I agree
Let’s throw away
our shyness
Just for one night  for one hour
Try to tell me more
more of what you need
I think we might regret  these silent words
You start first
I will follow you
I really wish I could see this  happen right now  
Qu’est-ce que tu attends
Comme tu veux je suppose
Si tu restes comme ça, sans voix
We keep missing the point
we keep fucking it up
Let’s make it real  let's make our life 
We think the same
we feel the same
I say we get it on  I mean right now