We are an electro-pop-rock band based in Toulouse... ...We mostly play our own songs, written in English, and which became more mature with the line-up evolutions. They talk about trips, inner and outer, experience of life and its twists and turns from darkness to light.
The band also plays a few songs of its most influential artists (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd).

Chapter 1
Everything started in 2009 when Jean-Philippe (guitar, vocals) and Bruno (drums) perform around Toulouse with 2 other friends as ‘Jack Petrol’. In may 2012 the singer Kristy joins the band which is renamed ‘The First Time I saw an Elephant’.

Chapter 2
In 2016, Phil (bass), Ben (guitar) and Kristy leave for new horizons.
The band starts again with Olivier (bass) and adds some electro to the rock sounds.

Chapter 3
Pauline (vocals) joins the band for one year before leaving for a more personal project.

Chapter 3.2
With a reduced line-up, the band delivered as Pachydermic Sound System an electro-bass set in Dec '18.

Chapter 4
“The First Time …” then becomes “Elephant Memories” and starts in April 2019 a collaboration with the singer Barbara Duchow (Lunattack) and Lizzie (guitar), who joined a few weeks before her first gig with us at le Metronum.

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