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We are a cosmic-electro-post-rock band based in Toulouse.

...We mostly perform our own songs, written in French, English and German. They tell about inner and outer voyages, darkness and light, and the twists and turns of their life experiences.

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The music has the smell of escape from London to Longwy (in northern France). The voices and hypnotising riffs take the listener onboard for a long journey that is sometimes stormy and sometimes peaceful. The passenger-listeners will be soothed and shaken by fusion guitar, a waving bass, and a drummer-skipper holding the course.

The band also plays a few songs of its most influential artists (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd)...

Support our LP!

We have now officially launched our digital LP project. We are expecting to release our record before Christmas.

The details and funding participation principles are available here: https://fr.ulule.com/premier-album-elephant-memories/

Thanks for your help! And many thanks to those who already contributed! That's great!

Moments from our concerts at le Metronum, Toulouse and Halle424, Hamburg

Pont Neuf (Lunattack cover)


Jack (Hamburg gig teaser)

Anachronic Party


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